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Your Trust Walk

A Women Created & Called Coaching Experience

What You'll Be Learning Inside of Your Trust Walk...

Build A Foundation of Trust 

Your Trust Walk helps you build a strong foundation of trust– in God and in who He says YOU are. Grow in the skill of making decisions and navigating your vocation with stability and confidence founded in Christ. 

Learn The Skills of Discernment

Learn practical steps that strengthen your skill of discernment. I will equip you with tools and mindset coaching that will give you the guidance you need as you make progress in the areas that matter most to you. 

Make Progress And Committed Action

Together we will collaborate to decipher what is keeping you stuck in life, what goals God has placed on your heart, and how we can bridge the gap with intentional mindset shifts and practical discernment. 

What Does This Coaching Experience Include? 

This unique 12 month hybrid coaching experience is designed to give you all the support you need to make consistent progress in your life in the areas of discernment, leadership and confidence in God's plan for your life. 

Join Your Trust Walk, where you'll learn to know and trust God and yourself, so you can better discern and act on His will for your life!

1:1 Coaching Sessions 

Individual coaching sessions during the first and third weeks of each month for a 12 month period

Monthly Group Coaching

Monthly group coaching calls during the second week of each month 

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to your membership portal, with modules, group coaching replays, and a library of past and future trainings and workshops

Community Support

Support from a community of women on their own trust walk, with access to our private Facebook group.


  • Your Trust Walk is for any woman who struggles to make great decisions, according to God’s will.

  • She wants to become a leader in her everyday life, who discerns, trusts and commits to action, so she can stop spinning in confusion and live the life she’s created for.

  • Your Trust Walk is for any woman who is open to receiving coaching from a Catholic perspective.

Hello, I'm Beth!

I help Christian women intentionally SEEK, DISCERN and ACT on God’s will— from everyday challenges to God-sized dreams, and everything in between! I’m so happy you're here!

Wife... mom... Christian life coach... lover of faith, family, music and coffee... called to encourage and empower women, especially through the storms of life. Schedule your complimentary consultation to discover how coaching can help you be the woman you are created and called to be!

Start Your Trust Walk Today!

Hear What Others Are Saying...

I recently had my first private coaching session with Beth, and I was blown away! I immediately applied a couple of strategies that same day, followed by the most productive week I’ve had in a very long time. Beth’s coaching, along with the knowledge that God has given me all I need, has been a game changer.


Beth is a generous, considerate and deeply listening coach who gave me space to be where I was and gave me the encouragement to help me remember who I am so that I can take steps forward in my life. Since I’ve been coached by Beth, I feel more in connection with myself and with God, and I’m clear that her coaching can create transformation in your relationship with God.


Your Questions Answered

What is Your Trust Walk?

Your Trust Walk is a 12 month hybrid coaching experience with both one-on-one coaching calls twice a month and a group coaching experience once a month. This coaching program is aimed at bettering your skills of discernment, leadership, decision making and decisive action taking while balancing other important roles in your life such as being an attentive wife and mother. 

Do you have to be Catholic to join?

I do coach from a faith-based perspective, so my coaching experiences will be Christian and Catholic Christian oriented. You do not need to be Christian or Catholic to participate in this coaching experience but you will likely need to be open and comfortable to others sharing their faith experience in our group coaching calls. I am happy to coach you if you do not share the Catholic faith, but this group will have elements of faith interwoven. 

Is this a course, coaching or a mastermind? 

Your Next Step is a 12 month hybrid coaching experience designed to lead you along a journey of deepening your trust in the Lord and honing your skills of discernment, leadership and decision making. You will have 2 one-on-one calls with me, your coach, each month to work through sticking points in your life and you will have the added benefit of an exclusive group coaching call with other members of Your Trust Walk once a month to learn from, and connect with, the community. 

What is the cost of the program? 

The cost of this 12 month program is $5,000 USD with the option to either pay in full or use a 3 month installment plan involving 3 months of $1,667 USD payments. I offer a 7 day refund period for those that need it, after that I do not offer refunds but will ensure you are satisfied and taken care of during your 12 month experience. 

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